Dental Plans
Plan #1    Dental Insurance                                        BlueCross BlueShield of TN
  • Freedom to Choose Any Provider - You can enjoy the freedom of seeing any dentist you
    choose, however you may find greater savings by going to a dentist in the DentalBlue network.
  • Convenient Automatic Claims Filing - When you use network dentists, your claims will be filed
    automatically, which means no paperwork for you
$26.50    Adults
$14.60    Children
Take care of your smile with Personal Dental Coverage. Studies show that many medical
conditions can be avoided with regular dental care. Invest in Personal Dental Coverage
or add coverage to any individual plan, at any time.
Plan #3    Dental Insurance                                        UnitedHealthOne
  • Preventive Care - 100%, no deductible or waiting period
  • Basic Services 80% after deductible - 6 month waiting period
  • Major Services 50% after deductible - 12 month waiting period
  • Deductible $50
  • Access to an extensive dental network
$24.27   Individual
$31.32   Individual plus 1
$65.98   Family
Plan #2    Dental Insurance                                      Core Dental Insurance
$0 Deductible
Four levels of coverage up to $2500
Rates starting at $16.00 per month
  • Preventive Dental Benefits: Routine exams, bitewings, cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, and more.

  • Basic Dental Benefits: Full mouth X-rays, amalgam restoration (silver fillings), simple extractions and more.

  • Major Dental Benefits (on Silver, Gold, Platinum Plans): Onlays, maxillary partial denture – resin base, denture
    repair, surgical removal of teeth, deep sedation/general anesthesia, endodontics – root canal, periodontal scaling and root
    planing, crown and crown repairs, pontics - porcelain fused to noble metal, and more.  Waiting period only 6 Months.  Half
    of most dental plans.

  • Orthodontia Benefits (on Silver, Gold, Platinum Plans): A benefit available to dependent children of the plan.

  • Freedom of choice: You’re free to visit any licensed dentist. These plans do have a participating network (PPO) of
    dentists available nationwide; your out-of-pocket expenses are almost always less if you visit a PPO dentist.

  • Large nationwide network (PPO): When you visit a participating Ameritas Dental PPO provider, you save money.
    Ameritas PPO providers have agreed to charge discounted fees to member clients.    View Dentists in Network
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